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Please send us the detailed information (including pricelist) considering “Polish Real Estate Market” weekly newsletter, containing information about planned construction investments in Poland (new retail centers, production plants, office and residential buildings, hotels, etc.) along with sample issues and contact lists.

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Conditions of subscription for “Polish Real Estate Market” weekly newslette, devoted to the construction of new commercial properties in Poland

  • BIMAR, seated in Warsaw, at Wiklinowa 15C Str., authorises the Subscriber to use the „Polish Real Estate Market” newsletter exclusively for his own needs and only in the grounds of the unit seated at the address given in the order form. It means in particular that the Subscriber does not have the right to make the newsletter available in whole or in part neither to the third parties, nor to the other of his own organisational units, without the written permission from the Publisher.
  • The Subscriber is not authorised to forward the files nor to make multiple printouts, except for one printout for record purpose. The use of it is a subject to the same restrictions as described in point 1.
  • The Publisher is responsible for e-mailing the newsletter to the Subscriber's address from the sendingserver. Does not however assume any responsibility for the rejection of the e-mail by the receiving server or any intermediate servers. In the case of not receiving the newsletter in time, the Subscriber is obliged each time to notify the Publishers of this fact, in order to repeat the shipment. Otherwise, the service is considered rendered.
  • The Subscriber may cancel the subscription during the subscription period. The cost of the prepaid issues, since the day when the cancellation is delivered, will be returned with handling charges equal to 25% of the total net sum indicated in the invoice deducted.
  • Unless the Subscriber does not give at least 1 month written notice to terminate the subscription, it will be automatically extended for the next period equal to the one it was concluded before.

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